Aftermath EP

by In Armistice

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released September 1, 2011


tags: metal Concord


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In Armistice Concord, Massachusetts

In Armistice is a group of dedicated, hardworking musicians from the greater Boston area. Through more member changes than we can count, and over 5 years of playing shows, we have gained a lot of experience with the Massachusetts metal scene. We have a new album 'Descent' out currently and would love for you to give it a listen. Check us out and enjoy! ... more

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Track Name: Pathological
So say it to my fucking face
It builds my confidence, I know that you have no pride so don't speak your fucking mind.
I'm sick of all the lies, and your helplessness
You act like you deserve a chance to take back all the things that tormented us.
Never has a man or a person, or a being shown me such a lack of diversity
Trying to be a part of what you know is self defeat
there's no vision in your life of what you try to be
I, want to see you obtain my sympathy
I am not your fucking equal
Don't expect, my respect
You have shown me you're a lying, coward.
This is my final warning to you, don't expect any sympathy from me.
I hope you hear the words in this song cause' I know that you cannot read them
I hope you're listening closely even though this will never change you.
Take this as a warning and keep it at heart
Even though you'll ignore us and keep us very far
You know we know the truth and will release it when we need
Stay the fuck back you mean nothing to me.
So dig your fucking grave
You selfish fucking waste
You had your last chance at life.
Track Name: Currahee
I'll stand right by your side, through peril and danger
I'll fight for you and all you love, as one we'll conquer anything
No matter what the price, or what it takes from us
This is a battle that we cannot win alone
And together we will take
Everything that we are
Everything we strive for
Everything that's ours
We will take it all, and cherish all we have, and cherish what we work for.
This is a bond that will last until the very end, it only strengthens
We'll follow each other to the grave ( x5 )
Give me your best shot, take a chance here let's make a game of it
I'm tellin' you that's it's the last thing you'll ever do
Show me your moves
Life is a party you can join us if you bring us if your own booze
You can take it from me we're an exclusive crew
And we will party till you can't fucking move
So you can pick up your feet and show me what you can do.
Track Name: Temptation
I have done time to have a shameless fly, to walk around the earth in a different mind.
Is this reality?
Is this my world?
I cannot recognize it anymore
The clocks hands couldn't be going any slower
They seem to move backwards, they aren't going forward
It's almost time to close and be on my way, out to a lonely world and my only hope
Just an hour to go before I have an excuse, to use
At this point it seems mad that anyone could save me
I am that worthless shit I learned about back in school all those years ago
It's surprising to see how they predicted this all
I will take anything I can put in me
If to spend time away from the world that I've had to watch decay in front of me
at the whim of mother struggling to pay bail
I don't what this is or what it will do
But the promise's made tell me that it will make every problem and fear simply slide away out of my mind
And clear out my head of everything
There is no guarantee I will ever come out
Just lost forever
The world begins to fade away out of my control
This is no longer a drug for it's the loss of my soul
I understood that I had never had any meaning
And it comforts me to say that I had left this evening.
I have awake in an uncharted world
I have been reborn as a slave for my sins.
Track Name: Severed
This is my call to arms it is time, for you to take the first step forward
This is the final call, time to finish this fight, I've never felt so helpless in my own prosperity
Never have I felt such pain or pity for the bastard who claims that our lives aren't worth living
We are proud of our flaws and everything that we are, you could never mistake us for ones without heart.
Today is the day that I bid my farewell, to this fucking hypocrisy, it's dragged me to hell
You try to keep us at the reach of your hands but allegiance to you is something I'll never understand
Time after time I try to survive the way that you treat us like a leech in your life
You will always tell us that we're holding you back when you're the only one who brings about their demise
Now you see the pain you've caused
Don't pretend you don't remember all the things you said to us
You brought down our pride in fear of us discovering who you are
You became the master of our thoughts and our beliefs
I cannot believe I listened to every lie you told me
This is my resignation as your slave
I will no longer be a puppet you can train
You aren't the master of my mind, all I learned from you was how to waste my time.
You told me you were teaching me how to succeed when all I learned from you was how to bask in my insanity.
You told me you were my only hope, you teased me that you had the wisdom to give my heart what it yearned for you told me that with I could be the master of my fate and no one could stop me from being the only thing I've tried to be.
I renounce my friendship to a fucking hypocritical boy
I don't give you the status of a man, for in my eyes you will never achieve it.
So fuck you and your wretched spite
You're the creator of your own demise
You're the reason for all your pain
You see the world with no, shame.
With no fucking shame
Track Name: The Perfect Storm
And so I'll tell the world of your demise
Of how ceaselessly I chased you through your swamp of lies
Of how I waited every time you walked through my door
Of how I put my faith in a filthy fucking whore
And so you put my through your fucking games, when you were through with me I swore I'd never be the same
How could you lead me on without any fucking shame
And endlessly I told myself that I was to blame
Over and over again and again in my head
I was the one who caused you your pain
When in reality you brought it on yourself without any help from me
So I'll continue to grow into more of a person than you'll ever know
You can never be the person that I dreamed you to be
Once shackled to you, I am finally free.